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SkyOak Wealth and its’ Financial Advisors serve Henderson, Summerlin, Las Vegas and the entire Southern Nevada Region.

Wealth Management

The SkyOak Wealth division provides investment management, comprehensive financial planning, and financial consultation to its clients through our: Certified Financial Planner (CFP ®), Certified Fiduciary Advisor (CFA ®), a financial advisor and/or our Chief Investment Officer.

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SkyOak Financial Planning

Think of us as consultants, providing advice based on a specific area of expertise. Our certified financial planner (CFP ®) and financial planning specialist begin with an initial discovery meeting where you do most of the talking. After all, it’s about you. You provide financial data and we get to work.

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Financial Planning

Asset Protection

Specifically the SkyOak Financial Asset Protection Group assists high net worth individuals, business owners, highly compensated individuals, and families with sophisticated and innovated strategies that compliment traditional investment platforms.

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Athlete / Celebrity

Undeniably you know what it takes to rise to the top of your profession. You also know what it takes to stay there. We allow you to focus on staying on top while we focus on protecting and growing your assets so they will be there when you decide to slow down, step aside and retire. If you are someone who enjoys giving and would like to set-up a foundation to do exactly that then we are the perfect teammate / partner for you.

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Family Office Services

Additionally SkyOak Wealth is a Multi-Family Office. We have found that providing individualized points of contact but combining other services we can mitigate costs while providing superior service. We also act as the Chief Financial Officer for your family. Providing summarized comprehensible asset reports is standard for SkyOak but rare throughout the industry.

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Portfolio Management

Markedly a financial advisor will manage your assets through our dynamic risk management portfolio program known as RAAMPS or Risk Averse Actively Managed Portfolio Strategy. This allows us to mitigate risk while managing a portion of your investments in equities in a cost effective manner.

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