Beth has over 20 years of business operations experience, with almost 10 years being in the financial services industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team on back office business operations, client service management and compliance regulations.

Beth moved to Las Vegas from San Diego after becoming an “empty nester”.  If you asked her, raising her 3 boys on her own was the greatest privilege and accomplishment in her life. And Beth now has an amazing blended family to enjoy. Her oldest son, Casey, and daughter-in-love, Ashley, recently moved back to San Diego after living in Germany while Casey served in the Army. Jesse lives in Colorado and is a hard-working mail carrier. Trevor graduated from the University of Oregon last year and is currently working for an advertising agency in Los Angeles. Ira and Beth also enjoy Ira’s 2 children. Ira’s son Luke is currently a top performer in a Pest Control company. His daughter, Sadie, works for Amazon…and has blessed the family with the cutest 2-year-old grandson, Jordy.

Beth enjoys spending time with family, traveling, playing golf and tennis, fishing, camping, and riding as Ira’s passenger on their Harley.